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More information about the most popular insurance services:

OSAGO (car insurance) is a compulsory type of car insurance.

What is it for?

Car insurance covers losses to third parties and covers damage caused by the owner of the insurance policy.

In what form is it made out?

It is issued in electronic form (the so-called e-OSAGO). You get the insurance in PDF format. All insurance data instantly appears in a single database of insurance policies of MTIBU

Full insurance of your car.

Why apply for a CASCO?

It is issued for the owner's car and in most cases covers the loss in case of an accident, fire, theft, and other damage.

Who can apply?

Insurance can be obtained by any resident of Ukraine (from 18 years old) when buying a car on credit or at own expense

Insurance for foreigners may come in handy:

  • When entering Ukraine
  • When applying for a residence permit (to the migration service)
  • When applying for a VISA at the Embassy of Ukraine in other countries


For registration of any insurance, we need photos of your documents, they can be sent in any way: to vibe, telegram, email, etc. Next, we arrange insurance and contact you for further delivery.

Payment takes place before or after receiving insurance. You can pay for insurance:
1) by transfer to the card
2) by paying for company details through the cash desk or bank terminal
3) in cash
4) cash on delivery (upon delivery by New mail)

Insurance is issued in electronic and printed form.
1) When you apply for electronic insurance, you will receive a PDF file for vibe, post, or other way convenient for you.
2) When applying for printed insurance: you can pick up ready-made insurance at the office or receive it by New mail (free!)

Mandatory car insurance (compulsory motor liability insurance or car insurance) is issued for a period of 15 days to 1 year.

Travel insurance can be issued for the following periods:
1) The minimum validity period is 5 days
2) The maximum validity period is 1 year
3) You can take out insurance with any corridor from 30 days. For example, when applying for insurance with a validity period of one year (365 days) and a validity period of 30 days, you can stay abroad no more than 30 days a year with the possibility of entry and exit.

To obtain compulsory car insurance from you, you need the following documents:
1) Technical passport
2) Rights or passport
3) TIN code (identification)

To apply for travel insurance (including for VISA), the following documents are required:
1) Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
2) TIN code (identification)

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