CASCO Premium - competitive price for a car

Full car insurance is no longer a luxury! We offer a new product with the most competitive rates for cars up to 5 years old.

CASCO insurance is a voluntary type of insurance for your own car against damage, theft, fire and other cases.

The insurance covers damage caused to your car for any reason, whether it is damage in an accident (both in the case of your fault and without fault) or a stolen car.

Why did you come up with a new product?

CASCO is not a new type of insurance, and there are many insurance companies that offer different conditions for new cars. But, after analyzing the market, we managed to create a unique tariff for “fresh” cars, which is based in the region of 3% from the market (purchase price from the salon) value of the car. 

Full CASCO - the price of car protection

Our manager will help to calculate the price of CASCO insurance. We do not use a calculator for this product because it is very difficult to indicate all possible insurance options in the calculator on the website. But we are ready to form ready-made proposals. We will provide a choice specifically for your car.

To order insurance, write to us in a convenient messenger:

What are the benefits of this product?

This product does not apply to the entire list of new cars, as there are restrictions indicated below. But cars that meet the insurance conditions will receive reliable protection, fast payments and high service.

The tariff of the program "CASCO Premium" includes car repair at an official service station. You can lower the tariff by choosing another service station (at the choice of the policyholder).

What else is included in the insurance?

Possibilities of assistance of an insurance company:

What can be insured?

Risks that are included in the program of full CASCO "Premium":

  1. Road traffic accident (RTA)
  2. Unlawful actions of third parties
  3. Natural phenomena
  4. Fire and explosion
  5. Other random events
  6. Car theft

Which cars are covered by the Premium program?

What are the exceptions to insurance under the "Premium" program

What is not insured:

What restrictions and exclusions are in the program?

Terms of payment under CASCO Premium contracts

The insurance company guarantees the payment of insurance compensation in the following terms:

Documents for registration of the contract

Individuals or legal entities can draw up a contract.

Documents for individuals:

  1. Passport or ID-card
  2. Identification code (TIN)

Documents for legal entities:

  1. Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations
  2. Document confirming the right to sign the person who signed the contract on behalf of the Policyholder (power of attorney, order or excerpt from the Charter)

Vehicle documents:

  1. Car registration certificate
  2. A document confirming the cost of a car and additional equipment
  3. Additional documents confirming the property interest of the policyholder and (or) the beneficiary of the car (notarized power of attorney; sale and purchase agreement; loan agreement, pledge agreement; lease agreement, lease agreement; other documents confirming the right to own, dispose and use a car)

Price calculation and contract execution

To get the price, you must provide the registration certificate (photo) of the car or write the parameters manually:

  1. Car make and model
  2. Year of issue
  3. Engine volume
  4. Car cost
  5. Transmission (automatic, mechanic)
  6. Fuel type (diesel, gasoline, electricity)
Still have questions?

Ask your questions in the field below and we will try to answer you as soon as possible:


What is the CASCO Premium franchise?

The deductible is 0% for road accidents.
Theft / Total Destruction - 0% to 15%
Theft deductible applies if the vehicle is not equipped with anti-theft systems

Is it possible to insure a credit car under "CASCO Premium"?

Yes! Credit / leased cars up to 5 years old are accepted for insurance

Can I insure a car over 5 years old under CASCO?

Yes, it is possible to insure a car over 5 years old under CASCO. But the insurance program will be different from the "Premium" one.
To clarify the conditions, contact our manager