Endowment life insurance

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What is Endowment Life Insurance?

Life insurance (endowment insurance) is the protection provided by an insurance company during the term of the contract. At the same time, insurance payments accumulate, and the risks associated with your life and health are covered by the insurance. At the end of the policy validity period (from 10 to 30 years) in the absence of payments during this time, you will receive the accumulated amount (the principle is similar to the deposit accumulation).

What determines the tariff for the life insurance program?

The amount of the contribution is influenced by many factors, including:

  1. The age of the policyholder - the younger the policyholder, the more favorable the tariff will be
  2. Policyholder gender - offers are more favorable for women than for men
  3. The insured's occupation - extreme hobbies or a dangerous profession increase the tariff
  4. Contract time
  5. Set of selected risks 
  6. Insurance program 

The main risks that insurance programs cover:

Any insurance program covers the main risks. Additionally, you can expand the list when registering a policy.

  1. Survival (until the end of the insurance contract)
  2. Death (regardless of cause)
  3. Death as a result of an accident (the sum insured may double)
  4. Disability of the 1st group

What is an insured event in endowment insurance?

Life insurance always includes the risk of death of the insured. Additionally, you can expand the list of insured events at the stage of concluding a contract with an insurance company. You can choose the risk of disability, serious injury or illness, temporary disability and much more. In this case, additional coverage will entail an increase in the insurance premium or a decrease in the final payment. 

When registering a cumulative insurance policy, you must pay special attention to the list of exceptions that are not covered by the insurance. For example, if you are involved in extreme sports, then you need to make sure that if you are injured, you will not be denied payment. 

How to get an endowment life insurance policy?

Fill out the form on our website and we will send you offers by email! If you need advice, you can contact us by phone or using any messenger (section Contacts).


⭐ How much does accumulative insurance cost?

To receive an offer, you need to fill out the form on the website.
We will make the calculation within a day and send an offer to your email specified in the application

✔️ Why do you need accumulative life insurance?

Having issued an insurance policy, you not only accumulate funds during the validity of the policy, but also receive insurance coverage in case of death and other risks.

⏱ At what age is it better to take out insurance?

It is not too late to issue an endowment insurance policy at any age! Moreover, the earlier you take out insurance, the more favorable the conditions will be.