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1 109 UAH
An example of an OSAGO policy from KIRINS

CTP insurance

The policy has the same legal force as a physical policy
OSAGO insurance (autocitizen or avtocivilka) is a mandatory type of auto insurance that provides compensation to a third party injured in an accident.
The insurance company covers the loss caused by the owner of the car insurance policy.

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*— Using the payment system (LiqPay), using the details of Kirins (PrivatBank), using the details of the insurance company (when paying the policy in full)

Benefits of buying online

Convenient design
Convenient design Without papers and visits to insurance agents
Time saving
Time saving Registration takes no more than 5 minutes
Without papers
Without papers The policy does not need a printed version.
Impossible to lose
Impossible to lose The policy cannot be lost, it is always with you

How to buy OSAGO (Auto Citizen) in Cherkassy

You can issue a policy directly on our website in 10 minutes! And our manager will process your application within 1-2 minutes. There are 2 options to purchase an OSAGO policy on the website of the FreeIns insurance agent:

Option 1. You can simply send us a photo of the documents in any convenient way (messengers are listed in the contact section). Next, you will need to pay for the policy and receive an electronic file in PDF format (the so-called e-osago policy) by email or messenger

Option 2. It is also possible to independently calculate the current price in the calculator and fill out the form with data about the insured and the vehicle. After payment, the finished policy will come to your mail within 20 minutes.

What is OSAGO and who needs such an insurance policy?

Motor third party liability insurance (OSAGO) is a compulsory type of car insurance that provides material protection to the owner of an insurance policy on the territory of Ukraine.

The insurance company assumes the risks for all types of land vehicles:

  1. Car
  2. Truck
  3. Trailers and semi-trailers
  4. Motorcycles
  5. Buses (issued for 6 months due to the passage of the Quality Control Department)

Thus, the resulting losses associated with damage to property, life or health of third parties are covered by the insurance company instead of the owner of the OSAGO policy. 

The cost of car insurance (OSAGO) in Cherkassy

You can instantly calculate the cost for your car in our online calculator above. If the price suits you, fill out the form and we will process your application within 1-2 minutes! Let's analyze the parameters that affect the cost of the insurance policy:

  • Franchise. When choosing a policy with a deductible, its cost decreases, but if an insured event occurs through your fault, you will need to pay the victim the amount of the deductible
  • Duration of insurance. Any insurance validity period from 15 days to 1 year is available in the calculator. Buses are insured for 6 months, as they need to go through the Quality Control Department (mandatory maintenance)
  • Vehicle type (car or truck, trailer, bus or motorcycle)
  • Vehicle characteristics. Engine capacity (for cars and motorcycles), number of seats (for a bus), carrying capacity (for a truck), etc.
  • Registration of the vehicle owner. The cost depends on the city / village of the owner's registration according to the registration certificate

How can you pay for an OSAGO insurance policy in Cherkasy? Here are the payment methods available.

Forms of payment

  • Transfer to a bank card (PrivatBank) - in case of purchasing insurance at a discount
  • Pay according to the details of the insurance company (when paying for the policy in full)
  • Make a payment using the LiqPay payment system

Documents required for registration of OSAGO on a car in Cherkasy

In case you chose option 2 (send us a photo of the documents), then prepare the following information about yourself and the vehicle:

for physical persons:

  • Data sheet (both sides)
  • Driver's license (Rights), passport of a citizen of Ukraine or ID-card
  • Identification code (TIN)

for legal entities persons:

  • Data sheet (both sides)
  • Enterprise registration certificate

Advantages of issuing an MTPL car insurance policy in Cherkasy with FreeIns insurance agency

We, FreeIns Insurance Agency, are proud of our partners. We pay attention to the reliability of the insurance company, its experience in the insurance market, the availability and transparency of the service, as well as the competitiveness of prices for products. We prepare the best offers for you. We present you a few more reasons why you should opt for our service:

  1. Profitable offers - we provide discounts on official policies of insurance companies
  2. Fast service - a competent manager will select the necessary conditions for you and arrange insurance within 20 minutes. The process will be doubled if you enter the data yourself when calculating in the calculator
  3. Transparent design - at the program level, we transfer all data to a single MTIBU database, which indicates an instant official registration of insurance. This database is also seen by the police and the DIA application
  4. Our experience in insurance is over 10 years!
  5. We guarantee price / quality. We are not ashamed of our partner!